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Battery Check.


Below is a list of AC adapter part numbers and PC model numbers possibly affected by this announcement. Click here to check if your AC adapter’s DC-in plug is affected.

1. AC adapter part number information which includes accessory AC adapter part number:

AC Adapter Part Number Accessory Part Number
G71C0009S210 PA3714U-1ACA
G71C0009T110 PA3714U-1ACA
G71C0009T116 PA3717U-1ACA
G71C0009T210 PA3714U-1ACA

2. PC models which may use an AC adapter with an affected DC-in plug:

Brand Name Brand No.
dynabook B351
dynabook B771
dynabook BX/31
dynabook BX/32
dynabook BX/33
dynabook BX/34
dynabook BX/51
dynabook CX/45
dynabook CX/47
dynabook CXE/45
dynabook CXE/47
dynabook CXW/45
dynabook CXW/47
dynabook EX/22
dynabook EX/23
dynabook EX/35
dynabook EX/46
dynabook EX/47
dynabook EX/48
dynabook EX/55
dynabook EX/56
dynabook EX/66
dynabook EXE/35
dynabook EXE/55
dynabook MX/33
dynabook MX/34
dynabook MX/43
dynabook MX/44
dynabook R730
dynabook R731
dynabook R740
dynabook R741
dynabook R751
dynabook RX3
dynabook SSM60
dynabook T350
dynabook T351
dynabook T451
dynabook T550
dynabook T551
dynabook T560
dynabook TV/64
dynabook TV/68
dynabook TV/74
dynabook TX/65
dynabook TX/66
dynabook TX/67
dynabook TX/77
dynabook TX/98
dynabook Qosmio D710
dynabook Qosmio D711
dynabook Qosmio G60
dynabook Qosmio G60W
dynabook Qosmio G65
dynabook Qosmio G65W
dynabook Qosmio GXW/70
dynabook Qosmio T550
dynabook Qosmio T551
dynabook Qosmio T560
dynabook Qosmio T751
dynabook Qosmio T780
dynabook Qosmio T851
dynabook Qosmio T852
dynabook REGZA PC D711
dynabook REGZA PC D712
dynabook REGZA PC D731
dynabook REGZA PC D732
Qosmio F750/F755
Qosmio X500/X505
Qosmio X870/X875
Satellite A50
Satellite A500/A505
Satellite A660/A665
Satellite A660D/A665D
Satellite AXW/60
Satellite AXW/70
Satellite AXW/80
Satellite AXW/90
Satellite B241
Satellite B350
Satellite B351
Satellite B371
Satellite C600/C605
Satellite C640/C645
Satellite C640D/C645D
Satellite C650/C655
Satellite C650D/C655D
Satellite C660
Satellite C660D
Satellite C670/C675
Satellite CXW/45
Satellite E205
Satellite E300/E305
Satellite L450/L455
Satellite L500/L505
Satellite L510/L515
Satellite L550/L555
Satellite L630/L635
Satellite L640/L645
Satellite L640D/L645D
Satellite L650/L655
Satellite L650D/L655D
Satellite L670/L675
Satellite L670D/L675D
Satellite L730/L735
Satellite L740/L745
Satellite L740D/L745D
Satellite L745
Satellite L750/L755
Satellite L750D/L755D
Satellite L770/L775
Satellite L770D/L775D
Satellite M500/M505
Satellite M640/M645
Satellite P500/P505
Satellite P740/P745
Satellite P740D/P745D
Satellite P750/P755
Satellite P750D/P755D
Satellite P770D/P775D
Satellite P850/P855
Satellite P870/P875
Satellite PXW/55
Satellite PXW/57
Satellite PXW/59
Satellite R840/R845
Satellite R940/R945
Satellite S850/855
Satellite S870/S875
Satellite T110/T115
Satellite T110D/T115D
Satellite T130/T135
Satellite T130D/T135D
Satellite T550
Satellite T551
Satellite T560
Satellite T571
Satellite T652
Satellite T772
Satellite U500/U505
Satellite Pro C640/C645
Satellite Pro C650/C655
Satellite Pro C660
Satellite Pro C660D
Satellite Pro L350/L355
Satellite Pro L450/L455
Satellite Pro L500/L505
Satellite Pro L510/L515
Satellite Pro L550/L555
Satellite Pro L630/L635
Satellite Pro L640/L645
Satellite Pro L670/L675
Satellite Pro L740/L745
Satellite Pro L750/L755
Satellite Pro L770/L775
Satellite Pro T110/T115
Satellite Pro U500/U505
TOSHIBA/All-in-One DX1210/DX1215
TOSHIBA/All-in-One DX730/DX735
TOSHIBA/All-in-One LX810/LX815
TOSHIBA/All-in-One LX830/LX835